WordPress Plugins – Product Manager

Our team at ExpressTech is looking for creative and experienced Product Manager. Our team is completely remote, most of the team is in GMT+5:30 timezone, so preferably in that timezone. Our company is a small but experienced WordPress plugin development firm. We own and maintain 5 main plugins. Responsive.menu is one of the plugins we own among others.

Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Quarterly and Sprint wise release planning.
2. Prioritise customer feedback and bug reports (pipeline will be created by support team).
3. Strategy building on product roadmap based on customer data and brainstorming/creative thinking.
4. Distribution of work to the development team .
5. Regular follow up on the sprint tasks by replying to blockers and overdue items.
6. Helping with hiring in future.
7. Helping improve the development and product management process going forward.
8. Merging PRs by the team. etc.

Skills: WordPress and PHP background, Other web techs, product management, task management, Github/bitbucket.

Type: We are open to both fulltime or partitime type of engagement. Paid on weekly basis.

Job Type
Full Time
How to Apply
Via email