WordPress site reform and update

London Canal Museum Learning website

The LCM website is mainly coded with HTML/CSS. Two sub-sites exist, both running in WordPress Multisite:

• Education sub-site, now called “Learning”
• Picture shop

The Learning site was developed using a custom theme called “Canal Museum Education”. That theme depends on a plugin (Timber) that is no longer supported. The option of having the theme re-written has been explored and rejected as too expensive and potentially not long-lasting. Our preference is to carry out the following work.

1. Research available themes that would be suitable for the sub-site and that could be implemented using the current material. Recommend a new theme. We wish to be in a position to change themes should the need arise, in the future. This should not be a custom theme.
2. Some bespoke pages in the site are designed as forms that can be easily edited. They are named as
• Lesson plans x 4
• Activities x 2
• Locations x 6 – not used
• Resources x 40 – not used
Those in use are to be converted to standard pages.
3. The two WordPress sites are to be moved to their own subdomains so that different versions of PHP can be used in the future if necessary. Names learning.canalmuseum.org.uk and images.canalmuseum.org.uk
4. There are currently 49 standard pages
5. Implement the new theme and convert all existing material to it, using standard pages instead of bespoke and replicating the current menu structure.
6. You will ensure that the URLs canalmuseum.org.uk/learning and canalmuseum.org.uk/picture-shop resolve to the two sub-sites and that error 404 conditions are directed to canalmuseum.org.uk/404.html

In summary
A significant re-working is required to simplify and standardise an over-complicated WordPress site. The end result will be a sub-site that makes as much use as possible of WordPress standard functionality and minimises bespoke content.
Developer Requirements
• Available within three months
• Able to meet the museum Chair in person before starting work. The meeting can take place anywhere in England or Wales (subject to travel practicalities – I will come to you if you wish and can do it in a day trip from London)
• It is not necessary to visit the museum in person although you can do
• Suitable experience of WordPress and redesigning existing sites
• Understanding of WordPress Multisite and how the server is controlled to manage the two sub-sites within a website that is predominantly not a WordPress site.

We are primarily looking for a freelance designer/developer here. It is fine to email any questions but a decision will take a week or two.

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London Canal Museum
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