WordPress Technical Support

Niteo is looking for a new team member to fill the role of WordPress Technical Support.
We host tens of thousands of WordPress blogs with different levels of complexity, so you’ll be facing new challenges every day!

Niteo is a remote-first SaaS company with team members working from around the world. Take a minute to check out our homepage at https://niteo.co/ or read about our perks and benefits in our Open Source handbook: https://github.com/niteoweb/handbook/blob/master/5_People/benefits.md ?.

With us, you’ll be treated as a responsible adult and learn tons of new stuff so you can keep growing. We also offer you a fair and predictable salary with our Salary System: https://github.com/niteoweb/handbook/blob/master/5_People/career.md.

If you’d like to give joining our ranks a shot, click on the web form to apply ?

Job Type
Full Time
How to Apply
Via web form