World Safety Drive – Developers for Driving Safety

Greetings, and thank you for your interest., Please review and respond to the updated ASF listing. Thank you, Regards

1. Since there have been many responses, ASF is prioritizing cause marketing partner developers, that may also do web development work as a partner as well (though if you only work on web pages, please respond to the following questions below).  ASF offers cause marketing partnerships for those with fundraising, marketing, and or, networking skills. ASF is offering the partner  25 percent of all funds they can raise from messages/IP from blogging etc. Do you have an interest and training for this?
ASF, the leader in driving safety research hand development since 1988, has international life-saving IP at that helps address the global distracted driving crisis that endangers us all! The website is an urgent public safety webpage, that most developers have worked on pro bono, or for way reduced rates,  because they are “socially responsible” and care about safety. ASF has some new year updates for the site and seeks part-time WordPress maintenance and promotion. Because of the importance of public safety work, it is crucial to always follow instructions, and work expeditiously, so the first instruction is when responding to address the following by number. (work hour estimates were based on others that worked on this)
2. Can you a. add three short sentences, b. remove one link, c. slightly increase text font spacing (on the whole site without harming the layout), and d. migrate the changes from a backup site at Kualo (where the work will be first completed) within one hour of work?
3. Over many years the ASF/  search is somehow not coming up in Google properly, this needs to be fixed, and SEO also improved on other sites as well. Can you address this fix in one hour? (Just the basic fix, we are aware unlimited time could be spent on SEO if desired).
4. ASF works with US national DMV etc. and due to the importance of this public safety work requires a US phone n US phone support number to answer important phone calls. b. Are you sending your webpage and resume?
5.  All work is done virtually from your location, but unless told otherwise, completion will be required within 24 hours. Are you confident you have time for this project? (work time is not long).
6. The last developer made the site mobile-friendly (or near it) but we noticed there still could be an issue with tablets. There are just so many screen options that there probably is not a “one shoe that fits all.” Do you have some kind of setup that can improve the mobile layout fitting, in under an hour?

ASF is interviewing now, for help on this essential public safety work. so please respond to all the questions by number and letter, as we seek those honest, diligent, well-trained, and pleased to offer their assistance to the good cause of driving safety in the spirit of the NPO. Thank you.

ASF- Automobile Safety Foundation
Job Type
Part Time
25 percent of funds raised
How to Apply
Via email