WP Custom Member Control Panel

Custom program needed for our new Nonprofit club website designed to:

*accept new membership purchases after automatically cross checking membership list to make sure it’s not a an existing member or renewal. New member application should have user/password fields for future member only website login access.
*current club member website access request that cross checks the club membership list. Must be a member of the club to have member only website access.
*Control Panels for members and club officers and directors (set categories in admin panel). CP gives access to member only website pages/areas and custom control panel that displays their member data, current sweepstakes points, ability to opt in/out of member only directory (fee based).
*Customize software for Sweepstakes and membership managment that can also be used to display information in the member CP panel (automatically).

Please contact me for more information!

Job Type
NonProfit Club
How to Apply
Via email