WP Job Manager Plugin Custom Code

WP Job Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows a website to post and manage jobs, resumes, and applications. When a job is posted by a user, it appears on a job board, where applicants can apply online. The user who posted the job has a nice dashboard that displays the jobs he/she has posted and the number of applications for each position. The user can then click on the applicant count to view the actual applications.

So far, so good.

My client has one person posting jobs, but 12 recruiters who need to see those jobs on their individual dashboards, along with the applicants for those jobs. Because the job only appears on the dashboard of the person who posted the job, the other recruiters have blank dashboards and cannot recruit from the applicant pool.

I am wanting the plugin modified so that all posted positions and their associated applicants appear on the dashboards of all recruiters, regardless of who posted the position.

Job Type
How to Apply
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