WPJM Customization and Integration with Workable & Crystal

WPJM Development and Integration Needs

We want to have a centralized platform to serve the applicants, job requesters, and recruiters.

The applicant can have the ability to create a profile that contains a resume, upload a cv file, take the assessments, and apply to the available jobs.
?The Job Requester can create jobs based on the request form and can edit and view the previous requests with each job status.

The recruiter uses all the features on Workable, and we will have SSO configured on WordPress as well using Google sign in.
Recruiter Dashboard:
Workable covers this but need to integrate Workable to sync the information and updates (Workable team will cover the requirements from their end)
Applicant Dashboard:
an interface that is built for the applicant to manage his profile and includes creating a resume using the current resume builder, taking the assessments, uploading the cv document, and applying to published jobs.
Job Requester Dashboard:
an interface (WordPress page) appears only for the users with the job requester role where they have access to fill the job request form and review the status of the job based on the job status on workable.
Requirements Quick Overview:?
Review the current WordPress and available features
Customize WPJM resume form
Customize WPJM job request form
Bulk import the required data to the dropdown lists using All WP Import
Dashboard for the applicant, Applicants can fill the resume form, apply to posted jobs, take assessments (we will have personality & behavioral Assessment + English placement assessment)
Integrate Crystalknows personality assessment using their API to get the Assessment questions and display the results on the candidate dashboard.
The Assessment of Crystal knows (personality & behavioral Assessment) must appear to the candidate within the platform (API is available)
The result of Crystal knows Assessment must be visualized on the applicant dashboard as well.
Integrate with workable to show the applicant status on the job based on the record from workable.
Dashboard for the job requester, to create new job request, modify the active requests, and view the previous requests with the request Status (the job requests must be integrated with Workable)


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How to Apply
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